Healthcare Quality

Healthcare in the US historically has been a fragmented community-based service. Yet over the last decades, its scale and technological advances have rapidly outgrown this arrangement. As the industry has struggled to catch up, its growth has been complicated by related cultural issues and by major market distortions such as employer-linked healthcare and a third-payer system. It is now estimated that 40-50% of this $3 TRILLION industry is waste — yes, that is $1.5 TRILLION per year in redundancy, inefficient processes and technology, and errors.

Lean Six Sigma process improvement principles have been tailored to this unique environment for better care, faster, with fewer errors, and improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. An army of specialized Lean Six Sigma practitioners is needed, and the industry as a whole must see that a better way is easily attainable,¬†become familiar with such waste-reducing principles,¬†and embrace the “dual atom of work,” that is, everyone does the work AND improves how the work is done.